Making of “A Negroe’s Spiritual” Take 1-Recording…

This past week has been such an experience.  I truly understand that plans are only made to be broken…but I have come to appreciate what manifests out of what is broken.  I now think to myself, “How can I say I’m making an album called “A Negroe’s Spiritual”, and think it’s going to be easy?”  I know.  What has been many, many years in the making, I now had to produce in three days of rehearsals; and two days of recording.  What seemed like something that wouldn’t be easy, came out totally the way I wanted it to.  So I learned, when plans are “broken”, God takes over. Having two of the baddest percussionists as producers, Mr. Alberto Lopez and Kahlil Cummings, the recording went so smoothly and the music that was created blows my mind even now.  Alberto told me months ago when I approached him to come on the project, that I needed to just rehearse and just record everything live; keeping the dynamics that are apart of my shows.  I knew that if we combined Kahlil’s digital production with Alberto’s live magic, then it would truly embody the spirit of what this album’s supposed to be.  With all the songs already rehearsed, one by one, each musician came in, tuned their instruments, and got through 4 songs on the first day!  Dani Lunn, an amazing dancer/artist, on bass.  Sam Wright, a BOMB guitarist and strict vegetarian (LOL), on guitar.  Cedric “C#” Lilley, a BAD melodic instrumentalist, on keys. Kurt Mashall, Mr. “IN_THE_POCKET”, on drumset.  Lastly, Kahlil Cummings, Producer, Djembefola, Executive, (this dude wears many hats), on percussion.  This group was solid, and I was happy to see that they actually liked the music because when it was time for solos, they would go OFF!  Needing a male voice to do the lower parts for the background vocals, I was so happy to finally get back in contact with John Patrick; a man with the most beautiful voices I have heard in a LONG time.  He ain’t nothing to play with.  He patiently waited for hours to go through 4 songs in 30 minutes!  Talk about efficiency…and congrats to him and his wife on their new baby girl!  Because we did so much on the first day, there was only one song left to record with everybody on the 2nd day.  Kahlil also had to do all the percussion for the live songs.

The funniest part of it all (that I’m still laughing about right now) is the fact that Kurt and Cedric had an “Instagram Photoshoot” for two days in the studio!  This is how I was able to post these studio pics above.  Cedric alone took 89 pictures of his recording with me…smh..If you would like to check out his personal photoshoot of the recording, click on the link below.

I will never forget this.  So the only way to show my appreciation is to come hard as hard as I can. Stay Tuned. Bless