Kara Mack Live @ Museum of Music and Instruments

Always beginning my day with a prayer, I never want to lose the humility I have for being able to perform my revelations through music to an audience.  On March 30th, 2012, I had the chance to do this once again in my life at the Museum of Music and Instruments in Venice, CA.  Having my full band this time, in such a long time, I was filled with joy to present my music to the new crowd of people.  A lot of people only see me as a dancer because that’s been my profession for such a long time here in Los Angeles; but I like that I have a fresh slate to start with.  To watch people’s faces go from curiosity to pure joy from dancing around shows how truly blessed I am to be given such a gift.  Never will I take it for granted.  It causes me to think about the worth of time; and how important it is to not waste it.  A lot of people misconstrue the statement “Live in the moment.”  That doesn’t mean to live like you would like to forget the moment; neither does it mean to live for someone else’s moment.  I interpret this to mean, live a life as worthy as the purpose you were given.  If people would look at it that way, then they will understand the responsibility they have as a human to fulfill their purpose in their way.  In these sad events that have occurred in the past month, I am truly discovering how important that statement really is.  R.I.P. Trayvon Martin and all those who are wrongly killed while no one seems to be watching.  Bless



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