New Promo on & The Story Behind the song “Black Man”


Today, I woke up to see that an online website that promotes music from every country in Africa, has chosen to exclusively promote my music and social media information on their site!  I was very touched by this, but I also read how the owner really loved the music and knows that Africa will love it too. Please click on the link to check it out!


When I wrote “Black Man”, I had just finished watching yet another episode of “First 48″ on the A&E Channel.  I am hooked on that show because I’m attracted to the sub-stories behind the reasons for senseless violence between people..majority of the times black men.  There was one story where a young guy murdered another guy, but he never had a record; was a really straightforward guy.  However, because he started to see particular people “picking” on him in his neighborhood, he decided to start carrying a gun.  Well, his intuitions were right  (in-a-way) because soon later, someone instigates a fight with him and begins shooting at him from across the street.  He ducks and hides, and with one shot in retaliation, he kills the other guy.  After the cops take 2 days to find out that he was the killer, and after much denial, the guy finally asks while crying, “Can I just call my son?”  That hurt my heart so much because in front of my face I saw a situation where a person thought that they didn’t have any other road to travel; and because of it, another son won’t see his father anymore.  I wrote “Black Man” as an encouragement to black men everywhere; and for them to see that they are not the “invisible man”.  People are watching and copying everyday…lead the way.  Be a leader of righteousness.

Kara Mack

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